21 Jun 2022

Hitting Targets to Boost Holidays – A Recipe for Growth

We’re always looking for ways to improve workplace wellbeing and ensure we get that work/life balance just right. 

That’s why we’ve devised an exciting new scheme that gives everyone in the team a potential 11 more days of holiday a year!

Find out about our new team incentive initiative and how we spent our first Friday off…

Team incentive scheme

In our latest plan to improve wellbeing, inspire innovation and give everyone more time off, we’ve been busy getting started with our target incentive scheme.

The idea is this: complete 4 out of 7 targets each month as a team and get the last Friday of the following month off!

From completing training modules to winning new business and growing our LinkedIn followers, the targets set are designed to encourage teamwork, collaboration and business growth. A win-win for the team and the business. 

The intention is to make this Friday off a permanent fixture in 2023, gradually working our way towards a 4-day working week. 

Recent experiments have demonstrated a 40% increase in productivity when companies switch to a 4 day week. In addition to productivity, sickness days were reduced and employees’ mental health improved. 

Although we still have a little way to go before we can make the switch, we’re pleased to announce that the first trial month was a success and we all recently enjoyed a Friday off.

Here’s what we got up to…

Take your mum out for lunch day!

Both Rory and Emily decided to use their Friday off to catch up with their mums and take them out to lunch. 

Rory took his mum to Lina Stores for a late birthday treat of pasta and cocktails. 

Emily took hers to the Towpath cafe for an iced coffee followed by a walk along the canal and a delicious lunch at Cafe Cecelia

Alice’s visit to the London Aquarium 

Alice took advantage of the crowd-free weekday to visit the London Aquarium, followed by a visit to Gordon’s wine bar for cheese and wine. 

Kate’s pottery studio time

Kate spent the day in the pottery studio, working on her side project Count Barkula – a collection of small but perfectly formed clay hounds.

Kate's day off at the pottery studio

Victor’s long walk

Victor enjoyed an extra-long decompression walk and livestock desensitisation training.

Victor the whippet's walk

Ash’s seaside trip

Ash headed to Brighton with friends to make the most of the sunny weather. 

Kathryn’s self-care day

Kathryn began her day off with a relaxing massage at Tempo 301, followed by drinks and food with the girls at Mercato Metropolitano

Xav’s daddy-daughter day

Xav maximised family time and made the most of the sunshine with a day full of outdoor activities.

Want to join the fun?

We’re always looking for bright sparks to join the team. If you like the sound of a potential 35 days off each year and think you could be a good fit, please get in touch or take a look at our career opportunities