06 Jan 2020

Photography Art Direction for Memory Foam Warehouse

Memory Foam Warehouse provides “a better sleep, for a better price” and boasts a collection of quality memory foam products across a variety of technologies to suit every budget.

The creative challenge for this established Yorkshire based e-tailer, was to differentiate between product lines by giving each line its own identity. The desired result was to reduce the decision-making process by guiding customers to the correct product with ease.

SeventhElement formulated a set photography art direction for each collection to be featured on Memory Foam Warehouse’s e-commerce website product pages. The lifestyle-feel that has been created by photography, aims to inspire and encourage customers to picture their perfect night’s sleep, by synthesising their personality and needs.

Shades of neutrals and greens: Memory Foam Warehouse's mattress

Cool blue tones of a bedroom: improving Memory Foam Warehouse's brand creative

Find out how we grew online sales revenue for Memory Foam Warehouse 25% year on year.