28 Sep 2022

Top Linkedin Features for Thought Leaders and Account-Based Marketers (ABM) in 2022

We’d be surprised if you didn’t know LinkedIn has long been the go-to networking site for professionals. Now, with record levels of engagement, LinkedIn offers a wealth of tools for thought leaders, experts and ABM-focused businesses. These features help you accelerate your online presence, establish connections with high-value clients and customers and promote your value-add content to a relevant audience.

We’ve compiled the top LinkedIn features and tools in 2022 that will benefit your profile and accelerate your focused growth strategy…

LinkedIn features for thought leaders, sector experts senior stakeholders;

  • LinkedIn Events and Event ‘Boosts’
  • LinkedIn Live Videos and Live Captions
  • Creator Mode
  • LinkedIn Newsletters
  • LinkedIn Articles
  • Improved Individual Post Analytics
  • ‘Follow me on LinkedIn’ Code
  • Organic Native Carousel Posting Option
  • Page Followers Tab
  • Saved Posts and Articles: ‘My Items’
  • Demonstrate Soft Skills

LinkedIn features for BSB organisations / account-based marketers;

  • LinkedIn Collective
  • Native Post Scheduling
  • Content Suggestions
  • Notify Employees About Your Post
  • Lead Gen Forms in Product Pages
  • Company Page Invites
  • Page Follow Button
  • Comment and React as your LinkedIn Page
  • LinkedIn Polls
  • Affiliated Company

LinkedIn features for organisations looking to hire new candidates;

  • AI Feedback to Streamline Hiring Process
  • Future of Skills
  • #Hiring Banner
  • Workplace Module


LinkedIn Features for Thought Leaders, Experts and Senior Stakeholders

Building your personal brand means sharing your expertise and unique perspective with the people you seek to influence and impact. When it comes to establishing conversations with other professionals, LinkedIn is the go-to platform. It can expand your brand by delivering value to your target audience whilst building credibility.

Here are the top features for senior stakeholders and thought leaders on LinkedIn…


  • LinkedIn Events and Event ‘Boosts’


Want to hold a virtual conference or discussion panel? LinkedIn Event Ads allow you to gather your professional circle in one place to host events.


You can use this feature to get discovered by the right people to make your event a roaring success. Extend the engagement limit before and after the event with polls, sign-ups, interactive live sessions, video highlights and survey posts.


You can easily create LinkedIn events and host them in a trusted environment. Just add an event, logo, banner image and venue and schedule your time. As a LinkedIn Page admin, you can create LinkedIn Events from your admin view on desktop. 

Create an Event from your Admin tools dropdown…

  1. Access your Page Super or Content admin view
  2. Click the Admin tools  dropdown
  3. Select Create an Event from the menu that appears
  4. Enter all details
  5. Click Create

Top tip! Promote your event and retarget your event attendees after with LinkedIn Event ‘Boosts’.

Cresting an event on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Live Videos and Live Captions


LinkedIn launched live video in 2019, giving approved members and Pages the ability to broadcast real-time video content to LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn Page, or Event. Fast-forward to 2022, and LinkedIn has added a networking tab to every Live event you attend.

And for Audio Events, Live Captions are now automated. Automated real-time captions will be attributed to the Speaker by name and appear at the bottom of the Audio Event window.


Live video is one of the fastest-growing video content and an excellent way to grow your reach and establish your brand voice. It allows members to connect, message or view attendees’ profiles even if they are out of your network, transforming every Live event into a Networking event.


To launch a LinkedIn Live…

  1. Log in to a third-party broadcasting tool
  2. When prompted, connect your LinkedIn account by entering your LinkedIn credentials
  3. Review the security authorisation and if you’d like to proceed, select Allow
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the process
  5. You’ll be notified immediately whether or not you’re approved for LinkedIn Live Video access
  6. If approved, follow the steps to set up your live stream


  • Creator Mode


If you are among those who love to create content and share wisdom, then this LinkedIn feature is for you. LinkedIn launched its creator mode feature in 2021, and allows you to share your topic of expertise (hashtags) with your audience, enabling other LinkedIn users to easily discover your posts. It also gives you access to advanced analytics tools – from total impression numbers to engagement statistics.


Creator mode helps you to grow your reach and influence and refine your content strategy. By giving you access to additional tools and features, it helps you create unique, value-add content that your followers want to consume.

The numbers speak for themselves: LinkedIn has seen a 50% percent increase in the number of users following creators and a 30% increase in engagement on the content created by the creator mode group.


To turn on creator mode…

  1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage
  2. Click View Profile
  3. Scroll down to Resources and click on Creator mode: Off
  4. Click Next on the Creator mode preview pop-up window
  5. Add topics (hashtags) to indicate the topics you post about the most
  6. Click Done
  7. Follow the prompts to turn on creator mode
LinkedIn: Creator Mode hub
  • LinkedIn Newsletters


Another integral feature that launched as part of creator mode is the opportunity to produce and share your own newsletter on LinkedIn


Since this launch, LinkedIn has seen a 625% increase in the number of newsletters being published on LinkedIn and an 89% increase in the number of subscriptions to newsletters globally. 

Starting a newsletter on LinkedIn means you’ll engage your audience from the minute you publish. LinkedIn makes it easy to invite all your connections or followers to subscribe when you create a newsletter. Also, after publishing each newsletter article, push, in-app, and email notifications are sent to all your subscribers to help drive views. You’ll get real-time feedback and comments from your readers, and you can understand how your content is doing with analytics.

To help even more of your followers know about your newsletter, you can highlight it in the featured section of your profile so your audience can quickly find the latest edition and subscribe.

Newsletters offer a few unique features that you can take advantage of;

  • Track how many people read and subscribe to your newsletter
  • Brand your newsletter with your company logo and colours
  • Include images, graphics and videos in your newsletters
  • Use calls to action to encourage readers to take action
  • Test and measure the results of your newsletter campaigns


To create a newsletter on LinkedIn…

  1. Click Write article at the top of the homepage. This takes you to the publishing tool
  2. Click Create a newsletter
  3. Add a title, description, publishing cadence, and logo for your newsletter and click Done
  4. You can now write the first article for your newsletter
  5. Once the article is ready to be published, click Publish at the top of the screen
LinkedIn: Newsletter
  • LinkedIn Articles


Trying to get your point across on social media platforms with a limited word count or aiming to create short-form content that still adds value can be challenging?

Luckily, LinkedIn articles solve that problem. LinkedIn articles are just like any other article – basically longer, in-depth posts with a longer character limit of 120,000 characters, which can include images, videos, and other rich media – much like a blog post! All members and admins (super admins or content admins) of a LinkedIn Page have the ability to publish articles. They are displayed in the Activity section of your profile and can be shared with your connections and followers in their news feeds and promoted on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.


Use LinkedIn articles to share your industry insights and expertise, advice for professionals in your sector, case studies, or even existing blogs. Your article may be searchable both on and off LinkedIn, depending on your profile settings. Having your public profile visibility set to everyone will distribute your articles publicly, increasing your reach and visibility.

Top tip! Google’s recent ‘Helpful Content’ algorithm update will separate content that is helpful and of high value to the reader from content purely written for ranking purposes. Crafting original, engaging content will ensure you’re not penalised by Google.


To write an article…

  1. Click Write article in the share box near the top of your homepage
  2. Click the Headline field to type the headline of your article
  3. Click in the Write here field to type the content of your article
  4. You can add images, rich media, hyperlinks, #hashtags, and ‘@’ mention another member or a LinkedIn Page in your article
  5. Click Publish and follow the prompts to publish your article

Top tip! Tagged members or companies in articles or newsletters are now alerted by notification.


  • Improved Individual Post Analytics


It’s always been easy to see analytics on your posts, and capitalising on this, LinkedIn has now increased what you’ll see by providing a detailed analytics summary page.

There’s the option to filter by impressions or engagement with demographic sub-filters for job titles, industry, location, seniority, company size, and companies over the past 7-365 days.


This page will make it easier to assess your impact by including more in-depth data on engagements, discovery and viewer and impression demographics. This data will be available for all of your posts, regardless of whether they’re text posts, articles or videos. More data means you’ll be able to refine your content creation strategy.


To view post analytics…

  1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage
  2. Under Manage, click Posts & Activity
  3. Click the Articles or Posts tab based on what you’re looking for
  4. Click view next to the Analytics icon below your post or article


  •  ‘Follow me on LinkedIn’ Code


As of August 2022, users have been able to send their own personalised LinkedIn follow requests to fellow LinkedIn users who are not currently in their network and to create a direct link from anywhere to invite people to Follow them on LinkedIn.


Instead of simply pointing to your profile, this new feature prompts others to follow you and ensures that your page is seen by like-minded members.


Using the below link, add your profile URL after ‘member=’ to create your personalised code:


And it’ll appear like this:

LinkedIn 'Follow Me' code

Top tip! Turn this address into a link on your website, in emails or anywhere else you want to promote your LinkedIn presence.


  • Organic Native Carousel Posting Option


Wondering what the best way is to showcase your posts and articles? Here LinkedIn brings you carousel Images. These carousel posts are documents that are shared on your feed via one single post. Creating a Carousel allows Creators to upload multiple files, including videos, to create a single presentation that is automated to move through each component file.


You can get a huge amount of organic engagement if you do it right, and this post will give you all the ingredients you need to create interactive LinkedIn carousel posts that engage and convert.


To create a carousel…

  1. Click the  Carousel icon in the share box at the top of your LinkedIn homepage
  2. Click Choose files (you can select up to 20 files) and add them
  3. Click Done on the lower right to preview your carousel
  4. Click the Visibility dropdown next to your name in the Create a post pop-up window. Select who you want to share the post and click Save
  5. Click Post to post your carousel


  • Page Followers Tab


Curious to know who is viewing your profile and from where? LinkedIn has recently enabled users to access the page followers tab, giving them the option to better understand their connections.

As anyone can follow your public posts and articles, you’ll now receive a notification whenever someone follows you who isn’t a connection.


Knowing more about who is following your page can help you create content that speaks directly to your audience, boosting engagement and increasing traffic.


To view your followers…

  1. Click the My Network icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage
  2. Click People I Follow on the left
  3. Click the [number] Followers tab near the top of the screen to view your followers


  • Saved Posts and Articles: ‘My Items’


You can now save posts and articles that pop up in your newsfeed in the ‘my items’ section on your profile to view them later.


Spotted an interesting post but haven’t got the time to read it? This feature will ensure you’ll never miss out on great content again!


To save content…

  1. Click the More icon on the upper right of the content you want to save
  2. Click  Save
  3. Once you’ve saved the content, a banner will briefly appear at the bottom of the screen that includes a link to View all saved content

To view and unsave your saved content…

  1. Click My items on the left of your LinkedIn homepage
  2. Click Saved posts from the list under My Items
  3. Click the  More icon on the upper right of the content you want to Unsave
  4. Click  Unsave
LinkedIn: My Items


  • Demonstrate Soft and Transferrable Skills


This new feature enables members to illustrate their soft and transferrable skillset by answering a standardised question through written or video responses, designed to showcase relevant skills, as well as their career motivation.


Helps job seekers to;

  • Demonstrate your commitment to learning and growing in the organisation
  • Practice interview questions to help your true personality shine through
  • Go beyond your resume by sharing a story of how you’ve overcome challenges


To edit or delete a skill demonstration after posting one…

  1. Click your profile photo at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, and then click View Profile
  2. Navigate to the Skills section on your profile page
  3. Click Demonstrate skills
  4. Click on the role you demonstrated a skill for
  5. Click Edit or Delete for written responses, or Retake or Delete for video responses. If deleting, click Delete again
LinkedIn: Transferrable skills

Top LinkedIn Features for B2B Organisations and Account-Based Marketers

With 830 million members making over one billion interactions each month and over 58 million registered businesses, a great LinkedIn company page is your access point into this powerful community. It gives a snapshot of your business, including company details, products and services, and culture. 

LinkedIn aids ABM-focused businesses to personalise and tailor all communications, content, and campaigns to high-value accounts helping to boost customer engagement and loyalty. 

Businesses can use a Company page to;

  • Demonstrate thought leadership
  • Educate and inspire your audience
  • Express your brand voice and values
  • Attract top talent
  • Build a community
  • Network effectively
  • Improve your discoverability on Google
  • Show prospects the people behind your company

Here are the top LinkedIn features for Company pages…


  • LinkedIn Collective


The LinkedIn Collective hub is a new space designed by and for B2B experts. It’s designed as the place to go for B2B thought leadership and tips derived from LinkedIn’s own platform data and independent research.

It promises to cover subjects such as:

  • How to build a content brand on LinkedIn
  • How to drive creativity in B2B advertising
  • How to move B2B marketing into the future


LinkedIn’s new venture has the potential to offer valuable insights and data to B2B companies, with brands benefitting from getting their content strategy on the right track.


To get involved, simply follow the below link:


LinkedIn Collective


  • Native Post Scheduling *in BETA*


Hot off the press and what we’ve all been waiting for! Content Creators and Company Page Admins to manage their platform presence with a native, in-stream scheduling option. LinkedIn’s working on a new scheduling option that is built into the post-composer flow, with a new clock icon added to the bottom right of the window.

From what we can see, this feature allows the following;

  • Allows 1 Post to be scheduled
  • Will be available on all post types
  • Desktop first & eventually Mobile
  • Incorporates the ability to Mention (tag) others in post


Native scheduling can be a little more reliable than third-party social media management apps, particularly in terms of how your post will look when it goes live. Most scheduling tools now include built-in preview elements to help on this front, but integrated tools provide more definitive guidance; while also facilitating more post types and tools as well as the option to tag another LinkedIn profile.




Content Suggestions


The Content Suggestions feature is accessible to LinkedIn Page super, content, and curator admins to discover Trending Articles, Employee Milestones, and Company News.


This tool allows you to discover and share content that your member or wider community is engaging with, subsequently increasing engagement levels. 


Use Content Suggestions…

  1. Access your Page admin view
  2. Click the Content tab
  3. Click the Trending Articles, Employee Milestones, or Company News tab
  4. Trending Articles shows suggested content based on current trends across LinkedIn
  5. Employee Milestones is an opportunity to celebrate an employee by welcoming them or saying congratulations on a promotion or tenure milestone
  6. Company News shows content suggestions based on your organisation’s mentions in the news
LinkedIn: Content suggestions


  • Notify Employees About Your Post


Wondering how you can involve your team with your LinkedIn strategy? Now you can efficiently notify your team or employees about your new post. As a LinkedIn Page Admin, you can let your employees know when you’ve posted an important update on your organisation’s Page using Employee Notifications.

Employees will be notified via desktop and mobile that your organisation has shared an update with them through their notification updates. 


This new feature will let your team know to check all the posts on your company’s page, and they can share them with their connections. Employee advocacy is key for any company profile. 


To notify your employees…

  1. Post an update on your Page
  2. Select the Notify employees button in the upper right corner of the updates


  • Lead Gen Forms in Product Pages


Product pages, a feature that was added in 2020, allow brands to promote specific products so organisations can provide overviews, showcase product reviews, and answer questions in one centralised place.

Thanks to a recent addition to the platform’s features, brands can now add lead generation forms directly to product pages on LinkedIn. These forms can auto-populate with user information at the click of a button.


This pre-filled form allows a collection point of quality leads from members who visit your LinkedIn Page or Showcase Page – a feature that marketers will appreciate as it helps to improve conversion rates.


To create a lead gen form for your Product Page…

  1. Access your Page admin view
  2. Click the Products tab
  3. Click the Product Page name on the left side
  4. Click the  Edit icon next to the call-to-action button
  5. Click Collect leads
  6. Enter your Privacy policy URL
  7. Click the Save button

Your lead gen form will be submitted for review, which can take up to two weeks.


  • Company Page Invites


Do you want to gain followers on your company page quickly? Invite your connections to like your company page to ensure they don’t miss out on any of your updates.

Company pages are allocated 100 free credits per month allowing you to invite 100 people to follow your company page. Once a person accepts your invitation, the credit is returned to you. This is a daily limit shared by all admins to your page.


A large number of followers is social validation that the page contains something of value. As your number of followers increases, so does your exposure, creating a compound effect and growing your numbers exponentially.


To send an invitation to your connections…

  1. Use the search bar at the top of your LinkedIn homepage to find the correct Page
  2. Click the Invite button
  3. Complete one or more of the following:
  4. Select connections from the populated list
  5. Search for a connection using the Search by name field
  6. Use the filters to focus your search
  7. Click the Invite button


  • Page Follow Button


Leading on from our previous point, any company with a LinkedIn Page can add a Follow button to their website, another effective tool to grow their Page follower base. When members click the Follow button, they’ll automatically follow that company, university, or high school on LinkedIn.

Organisations can engage with members from their LinkedIn Page and through Page updates.


You can use the new LinkedIn “follow” button as a tool for validation and to accelerate brand awareness. Have “follow us on LinkedIn” buttons in your emails, blogs, websites and your other social media profiles to increase visibility. 


You can find out how to build a LinkedIn Page Follow button here.


  • Comment and React as your LinkedIn Page


Have you ever felt frustrated because you wanted to respond to a post on LinkedIn as your Page but couldn’t? Before this new feature was released, you were only able to respond to a post if your LinkedIn Page was tagged / mentioned in the post or searched via your dedicated profile hashtags. This feature now allows Company page Super or Content Admins to comment directly on any post as their Company.


This feature boosts your organisation’s interaction strategy, driving B2B and B2C engagement levels, as well as strengthening and articulating your brand voice.


To react to a post or comment as your Page…

  1. Find the correct post, either from your LinkedIn feed or from the search bar at the top of the page
  2. In the bottom left corner of the post, select the  dropdown icon next to your profile picture
  3. Activate to view a larger image
  4. Select the correct Page and click the Save button
  5. React to the post or leave a comment


  • LinkedIn Polls


If you’re looking to improve your marketing insights and boost engagement levels simply create a poll (with 2-4 options). Once your audience starts voting, you will see the percentage. If you’re an Admin of a LinkedIn Page or a LinkedIn Group you can create a poll directly from the Page or group’s homepage.


This is a simple and time-efficient way for your audience to interact with your content. LinkedIn polls are a great way to gather information about your audience, who they are, and what they like about your brand. If you want to generate new ideas for content that your audience will engage with – then LinkedIn polls are perfect for that.


To create a poll…

  1. Click  Start a post
  2. Click Create a poll
  3. In the Create a poll window, type your question and fill in the options
  4. Select the Poll duration from the dropdown
  5. Click Next
  6. Click the  Edit icon to edit the post
  7. You can add more to the post in the ‘What do you want to talk about?’ field (optional)
  8. Click Post
LinkedIn Polls
  •  Affiliated Company


The Affiliated company feature allows small business entrepreneurs with a Services page and a Company page to add a two-way link to both resources to increase exposure opportunities.

On the Services page, you get a hyperlinked Affiliated company section with a short description of your business, including a Follow button and on your Company page, you also get a hyperlinked View services button.


Affiliating two Pages may be necessary when an organisation:

  • Wants their affiliations or initiatives to be more visible to their followers.
  • Is acquired but remains a separate working entity.
  • Is acquired and its products continue to function under the acquired brand.


To request a Page affiliation, contact LinkedIn with the following information…

  • Both Page URLs
  • State if you want the affiliated Page jobs visible on the parent Page
  • State if you want the employees associated with the affiliated Page to be added to the employee total of the parent Page


Top LinkedIn Features for Organisations looking to Hire New Candidates

LinkedIn can help your business get ahead of the biggest hiring trends and bring candidate’s skills to the forefront. Here’s how;


  • AI Feedback to Streamline Hiring Process


The power of Artificial Intelligence is evolving on LinkedIn. AI now informs job seekers about the jobs they are searching for and offers feedback within the hiring process. With the new AI practice feature, once LinkedIn members record and upload their answers, they get a detailed assessment of their answer delivery within seconds.

This includes a report with metrics like filler words used and their frequency, words per minute, and speed over time, as well as feedback on cadence, profanity, and phrases that might be considered culturally insensitive.


This streamlining process is super useful for recruiters and ensures they hire the possible candidate for their organisation.


For job seekers to get instant, AI-powered feedback after recording a video answer…

  1. Navigate to the Interview Preparation landing page
  2. Select a question you’d like to practice from the list of Common Questions on the left rail
  3. Under the question, click the Practice button
  4. Select  Record a Video from the options that appear
  5. From the pop-up that appears, switch the toggle On to Get instant, AI-powered feedback on the delivery of your answer after recording a video
  6. Click the red  Record button to record your video answer
  7. Click the red  Stop button to stop the recording
  8. Once you’ve recorded your video answer, you’ll see a Preview of your feedback below the recorded video.
  9. Click the Save video answer button to view more comprehensive, AI-powered feedback
LinkedIn: AI feedback


  •  Future of Skills


The ‘Future of Skills’ interactive tool enables job seekers a chance to uncover the latest skills and trends for any job role in order to glean more insight into what employers are looking for and what people are listing on their LinkedIn profiles for each position.


This data tells you how jobs are changing and what skills workers may need to stay competitive in the new world of work. It enables employers to update their job descriptions to ensure the best possible candidates.


To utilise this interactive tool and explore the data…

  1. Select a country, industry and job title
  2. Compare skills from 2015-2021
LinkedIn: Future of skills


  • #Hiring Banner


You can now create and share a new job post or share an existing job post associated with your organisation’s LinkedIn Page using the #Hiring feature. When you share a job as a Page super admin, your Page followers will see the post in their feed. You also have the option to share proactively with your networks by adding a post with the #Hiring hashtag.


This feature attracts more qualified candidates via your network and enables employees to efficiently reach the right talent. And, by bringing more jobs onto the platform and making them more visible, they’ll also help job seekers more easily connect to opportunities.


  1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage
  2. Click View profile
  3. Click Open to below your profile photo
  4. In the pop-up window that appears, select an existing job or create a new job
  5. Click Add to profile to add the job and the #Hiring photo frame to your profile


  • Workplace Module


Workplace Policies have been added to Company pages. This feature allows the Page Admin to display established Workplace policies on the About page while building their employer branding. As a LinkedIn Page super admin, you can add a workplace policy to the About section of your Page. 


Workplace policies help job seekers understand your company’s guidelines for remote, hybrid, or on-site work, COVID-19 vaccinations, and location-based pay adjustments. You can also include information about the workplace benefits you offer.


To add a workplace policy to your Page…

  1. Access your Page Super admin view
  2. Click the  Edit Page button in the upper-right corner of the header section
  3. From the Workplace tab on the left side of the Edit window, click the Workplace module toggle to turn it on
  4. Select a policy from the Primary workplace policy dropdown
  5. Enter any additional details about your policy
  6. Add a link to your company’s work policy (optional)
  7. Click + Add a benefit to add up to three benefits your company offers
  8. Select an option from the Location-based pay adjustment dropdown menu (optional)
  9. Select an option from the Vaccine policy dropdown menu (optional). You can also add a link to your company’s vaccine policy
  10. Click the Save button in the upper-right corner


LinkedIn: Workplace Module

Strengthen Your LinkedIn Presence

We hope our comprehensive guide helps to effectively and efficiently boost your LinkedIn presence and fuel your focused growth strategy.

Our success formula has been distilled from years of experience, covering all elements with a strong focus on content procurement and social media. 

Whatever aspect of marketing you’re looking to elevate, we can optimise your online presence and deliver transformational growth. 

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