02 Sep 2021

7 Tracks to Transform your Content Marketing

When it comes to creating high-quality, engaging content, elevating brand awareness and selling your products or services, the right songs will not only optimise your content marketing strategy but attract high-intent customers.

Our electrifying playlist: 7 Tracks to Transform your Content Marketing will have you nodding your head, tapping your foot and singing your heart as the leads roll in! It’s time for your content marketing makeover. 

​​You have under 3 minutes to make a lasting impression…All systems go!

Persona 5 – Life Will Change

First things first, you need to refine your buyer persona. Ask yourself, who is your target audience? What is your ‘ideal customer’ searching for? 

Buzzin – Mann

Understanding the social landscape – customers, competitors and influencers – is the winning formula. What’s buzzing on social networks? Pump up the volume as Buzzin’ shows you how it’s done…

Big Sean – Research

Research is the magic word and Big Sean calls it. Researching the best keywords to target in your SEO strategy will ensure every piece of content has a purpose. 

Linkin Park – Points of Authority

Next, create authoritative and trustworthy content. Linkin Park speaks volumes with this powerful headbanger.

Queens of the Stone Age – I’m Designer

Breathe life into your blog posts with captivating creatives. Don’t get stuck in the stone age; invest in quality designers, writers and editors. 

The Rolling Stones – The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man

After publishing your content, The Rolling Stones will inspire you to jump on the promo bandwagon and accelerate your content promotion strategies.

Funkadelic – You Can’t Miss What You Can’t Measure

Don’t miss your content making funkadelic moves. Be sure to measure the outcomes of your content marketing efforts.

Van Morrison – Transformation

Great work! Your content marketing has gone through a groundbreaking transformation that even Van Morrison is writing songs about.

Here’s our full list of inspirational anthems:

  1. Persona 5 – ‘Life Will Change’
  2. Buzzin – ‘Mann’
  3. Big Sean – ‘Research’
  4. Linkin Park – ‘Points of Authority’
  5. Queens of the Stone Age – ‘I’m Designer’
  6. The Rolling Stones – ‘The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man’
  7. Funkadelic – ‘You Can’t Miss What You Can’t Measure’
  8. *Bonus Track* Van Morrison – ‘Transformation’


At SeventhElement, our success formula has been distilled from years of experience, covering all elements with a strong focus on content planning, creation and promotion.

Our content team thrives on this playlist. Try it yourself!

If you need additional help optimising your content marketing campaigns, from planning, execution or even a review with our digital marketing audits; drop us a line.