19 Dec 2023

What fuels our Paid Media Specialist, Hannah?

Meet Hannah, our talented Paid Media Specialist. Hannah’s expertise lies in analysing data, understanding trends and helping our clients get the most out of their paid media budget.

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What energises you the most in life?

Aside from a morning oat flat white, I’m energised by variety and always having something to get stuck into. I like to take on new challenges and try new ways to do things. Outside of work – I’m an ambivert so I can recharge by seeing my friends or having some downtime playing video games or watching movies at home.

What’s your key to long-lasting collaborations and client relationships?

I always try to be positive and have a good attitude when it comes to communicating with clients. Delivering good work always helps, but beyond this, connecting on a personal level, helps make communication and working together easier and more productive.

When do you feel in your element?

When I have an overall plan and I can get stuck into my work. Knowing exactly what needs to be done and going through ticking off each task to reach an end result that I’m proud of brings me a lot of satisfaction.

What’s your go-to productivity hack?

Time blocking – allotting a certain amount of time to a task and allowing myself to focus on one thing at a time helps me get through tasks more efficiently. And to do lists of course. 

What does your digital detox look like?

Heading out on a walk or a run (weather permitting), reading a book or cooking something while listening to music.

Nitrogen is used as a coolant: how do you keep cool under pressure?

Making lists – if I’m ever stressed or overwhelmed, I write everything I need to do down and it makes everything feel a lot more manageable.

What’s the nerdiest thing you do outside of work?

I’m always starting a new hobby (whether I stick with them is another question). My latest hobbies are kpop dance classes, Spanish lessons and training for a half marathon. I like to keep myself busy.

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