06 Aug 2020

What fuels our Brand Content Lead, Kathryn?

Kathryn is our Brand Content Lead who just so happens to be a whizz at all things account management.

Our organisation sensation runs a tight ship when coordinating projects, or can be found channelling her fiery and infectious energy to create exciting content when she’s working client-side or establishing our very own SeventhElement brand.

Want to know more about Kathryn?

What energises you the most in life?

At work, being surrounded by a great team with high energy goes a long way; for me, positivity and encouragement are motivational tools. Finding solutions to problems and making an impact, ignite my energy levels the most and of course, not forgetting the barista making copious amounts of flat whites! In my personal life, being around like-minded people and a sweaty gym session energises me, (a good night’s sleep also doesn’t go amiss!)

What’s your key to long-lasting collaborations and client relationships?

Trust and communication: a necessity for any relationship. At work, it’s one thing to understand the client’s needs, but to fuel a long-lasting collaboration, it’s essential for that client to trust in your knowledge and advice and for it to be communicated in the right way.

When do you feel in your element?

Writing! For me, there’s nothing better than getting those creative juices flowing. I will hold my hands up to being a fully-fledged member of the grammar police. 

What’s your go-to productivity hack?

I work most efficiently by prioritising my to-do list and blocking out time for certain tasks. I work best with all tabs open in the order I need to complete them in…some may call it organised chaos, but it works for me 😉

What does your digital detox look like?

You will find me most evenings with my head in a book – preferably a crime drama/psychological thriller. I’d spend all day reading if I could! When I’m engrossed in a great book, I don’t give digital a second thought. 

Nitrogen is used as a coolant: how do you keep cool under pressure?

Don’t catastrophise! Taking deep breaths and a quick mindfulness exercise in the toilets is a quick way to dissipate stress. 

What’s the nerdiest thing you do outside of work?

Keeping with the crime fiction theme – I can’t get enough of British dramas, I will watch ALL of them, especially if they’re on the BBC (definitely worth paying the TV license for). I know, I know, I’m old school. Bring on a crime-drama themed pub quiz with a generous prize! 😉