05 Jan 2020

7 highlights of 2019: SeventhElement’s year in pictures

2019 has been a big year for the team at SeventhElement. From upgrading our office space to welcoming new members into the team, 2019 has been a year of nurture, growth and renewal.

We’ve used this year to build on our successes as Netleadz and propel the team into a new era, fuelling digital success in London and beyond as SeventhElement. Let’s find out how we got here, by taking a look at SeventhElement’s 2019 highlights. This is our year in pictures…

The team moving to the new WeWork office

1. Making the Move: New Office Space

New year, new location! Early last year, we outgrew our old office and moved into new digs around the corner. Based in the heart of Shoreditch, a stone’s throw from Old Street’s Silicon Roundabout, you can now find us in our new home at the Corsham Street WeWork office. 

From getting to know exciting fellow businesses to dog spotting around the office, we’re in our element in our new office space. Come and say hello and take advantage of a free beer (or two) on tap!


The team enjoying a night out at player's bingo

2. One Little Duck: Player’s Bingo

2019 saw the team join our friends at Player’s Bingo at their new Camden venue for a night of themed cocktails, friends and bingo like you’ve never seen it before. We may not have won the full-sized canoe, but we did come home with some money to spend on a bar tab, a healthy hangover and a whole new perspective on bingo.


Managing Director Xaver, at the Mayor’s International Business Programme in China

3. Go to Grow London to China 

In May, our founder & CEO Xaver travelled to China to take part in the Mayor’s International Business ProgrammeOtherwise known as Go to Grow London, this programme supports fast-growing London scale-ups with their ambitions for international expansion. As an innovative, creative digital marketing company, we qualified for the programme and were sent to identify new partnerships and business opportunities overseas.

From digital marketing to AR & VR, digital entertainment and smart city tech, Xav met a wide range of exciting, Chinese-based companies pushing the boundaries of innovation. We’re always looking ahead to the future of digital marketing and are excited about what this opportunity could bring. Watch this space…


Team bonding at the London Wine Fair

4. SeventhElement vs The London Wine Fair

For the second year running, SeventhElement took on the London Wine Fair. Strictly for digital marketing purposes, of course, we took to the capital’s most comprehensive wine show in an attempt to try as many of the 14,000 wines on offer. 

There was a method behind the madness. We were there to show exhibitors how they could make the most impact by leveraging industry events to their maximum potential. Sharing tips from our events marketing toolkit, from pre-event planning to post-event lead harvesting; we did the rounds, glass in hand. 

Following our foray into the world of wine tasting, we decided to host our very own tasting session at our WeWork office. Bringing in a bottle of our favourite tipple for a blind team taste test- we ranked the best of the best to the worst of the worst. It’s amazing what you can discover about a person from their taste in booze!


Introducing new team members: Alice, George and office dog Victor

5. All Change: Team Refresh

2019 was a big year for change as we said goodbye to much-loved colleagues and welcomed six new members to the team. Injecting a new lease of life into the office, throughout last year we gained;

  • Elisa: Graphic design whiz and green-fingered plant whisperer
  • George: Digital marketing and PPC 
  • Kathryn: Brand lead 
  • Alice: Digital marketing and content 
  • Zoe: Digital marketing and outreach
  • Victor: Snack-loving whippet and all-round good boy


Enjoying our first Christmas party scavenger hunt

6. SeventhElement’s First Christmas Party

It has become something of a festive tradition, but this year’s Christmas scavenger hunt was our first as SeventhElement. Unleashed onto the streets of Dalston, we had a limited time to complete our annual photo competition with the most creative and daring entries we could think of.

We think the photos speak for themselves…

Once we’d all suitably embarrassed ourselves on the streets of London, we recuperated at Oslo Hackney for a three-course meal and drinks well into the early hours.

7. Netleadz Becomes SeventhElement

As we said goodbye to 2019, we also said our farewells to Netleadz. Like Nitrogen, the digital world makes up a large segment of our current environment. Relaunching in 2020 as SeventhElement, our new branding will better reflect our digital DNA.

Our philosophy is centred around fertilising your business with a comprehensive digital strategy and a creative spark. We’re the ones working behind the scenes to make things happen. 

Always proactive, never reactive; we’re looking forward to forming new bonds & partnerships, making new memories and fuelling digital success as we move into 2020.