02 Nov 2020

7 Songs that will Propel your PPC Conversion Rates

When it comes to accelerating those Paid Media KPIs and hitting your conversion rate goals, the right song will not only improve your mood and put a spring in your step; it’ll get those PPC conversions soaring!

It’s not rocket science – the higher the conversion rate, the better the results. The average PPC conversion rate is nearly 3.75%. If you’re struggling to meet that benchmark, check out our CRO tracklisting, handpicked by our own Paid Media team.

Our ‘carefully’ constructed playlist will have you nodding your head, tapping your foot and singing your heart as those clicks fly in. Are you ready to propel your PPC Conversion Rates and have some fun?

Elton John – Your Song

A classic that will get you going whilst analysing your current conversion rate.


CeCe Winans – Test Of Time

We’d say, it’s time for some A/B testing. Will your call to action (CTA) button, headline or form survive the test of time?


STORMZY – Do Better

Can your page be better? What does Stormzy think? Optimising your landing pages will funnel your audiences and accelerate your clicks.


Pillar – Call To Action

Pillar seems to have the right formula. Does your CTA look enticing? Is it big and bold enough? Does the text encourage you to actually want to click on it?


Quality Control – What It Is

Quality score is the magic word. Relevancy is the background tune to every optimisation. Improving your ad quality score will sky-rocket your PPC performance. Quality Control speaks volumes.


R.E.M – Shiny Happy People

R.E.Marketing is vital. It can boost those all-important clicks by as much as 400%. Let’s face it, shiny, happy people are more likely to click on your ad.


H.E.R. – Focus

Now these anthems have your full attention and focus, you will be nodding your head and tapping your foot to the beat of clicks rolling in.


Stevie Wonder – ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours’

Great work – in the words of legend Stevie Wonder – your PPC conversion rates strategy is now signed, sealed and delivered!


Here’s the full list of motivational PPC anthems:

  1. Elton John – ‘Your Song’
  2. Cece Winans – ‘The Test of Time’
  3. Stormzy – ‘Be Better’ 
  4. Pillar – ‘Call To Action’
  5. Quality Score – ‘What It Is’
  6. R.E.M – ‘Shiny Happy People’
  7. H.E.R – ‘Focus’
  8. *Bonus track* Stevie Wonder – ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours’

At SeventhElement, digital marketing is our DNA, conversion rate optimisation is vital to what we do. Our team thrives on this playlist. Try it yourself. If you need additional help with your paid campaigns, from management to a PPC audit, drop us a line.