12 Nov 2020

Digital Manufacturing Week 2020: Innovation In Images

Digital Manufacturing Week is five days of innovatively-fuelled talks from the experts, exhibitions and interactive knowledge-sharing sessions. Each day is defined by a theme with the goal of connecting attendees with manufacturing technology solutions.

Digital Manufacturing Week’s Themes

Monday’s Theme: SME Growth

Tuesday’s Theme: Smart Factory

Wednesday’s Theme: Digital Transformation

Thursday’s Theme: Manufacturing Innovation

Friday’s Theme: Disruptors and Emerging Tech

Our client High Value Manufacturing Catapult (HVM) is the catalyst for the growth and success of advanced manufacturing, fertilising the UK’s green manufacturing revolution.

See how they have contributed to the event this year on their digital stand:

Smart Factory Expo

The Smart Factory Expo provides innovative space to discover new ways of thinking and operating.

The promotion of their new Innovation Game:

Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit

The Manufacturing Leaders Summit unites senior executives and expert speakers from around the globe to share insights and solutions. 

The chair of Digital Catapult is presenting the keynote ‘Manufacturing Made Smarter as a key lever to our nation’s levelling up’. 

HVM Catapult can:

Provide equipment for SMEs;

Offer workforce development;

Identify gains in your facilities;

Fuel your innovation journey with HVM Catapult.

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