01 Jun 2021

7 Tracks to Accelerate your Core Web Vitals

When it comes to accelerating website speed and fine-tuning user experience, the right songs will not only optimise your site performance but see your Google search results soar.

Our explosive, fist-pumping playlist: 7 tracks to Accelerate your Core Web Vitals will have you singing and dancing along to the beat of SERP success.

Full speed ahead!

Mutemath – Vitals

Understanding Core Web Vitals is your first point of call. Visitors are 24% less likely to abandon your site if your pages meet the thresholds of Core Vitals.

Crank up the volume and get in the zone as Mutemath explains all…

Hot Snakes – Audit in Progress (Album)

Next, the all-important audit. When it comes to measuring your site, Hot Snakes have you covered with a full album of ultimate anthems…

Coldplay – High Speed

Coldplay has it spot on. There’s only one loading speed for your website and that’s HIGH!

Master Boot Record – Optimized User Experience

User experience has long been a focus of SEO and is a powerful ranking factor. Master Boot Record will guide you through the UX optimisation process with their ultimate headbanger!

The Rolling Stones – Paint It, Black

Image optimisation is a key accelerator when it comes to your Core Web Vitals. Blasting this classic from The Rolling Stones will help to lower your Large Contentful Paint.

Don’t forget that over 20% of all web searches happen on Google Images!

Culcha Candela – Next Generation

JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP are modern image formats with superior compression capabilities. Get inspired when choosing the right Next-Gen Formats for your Images by Culcha Candela.

MUSE – Algorithm

Congratulations, you are now prepared for Google’s Page Experience Algorithm Update. Celebrate with a headbanger from MUSE.

Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

And remember…don’t stop until your site is fast enough!!

(When we say fast enough, we mean get your webpage loading in less than 2.5 seconds!)

Here’s our full list of inspirational anthems:

  1. Mutemath – ‘Vitals’
  2. Hot Snakes – ‘Audit in Progress’ (Album)
  3. Cold Play – ‘High Speed’
  4. Master Boot Record – ‘Optimized User Experience’
  5. The Rolling Stones – ‘Paint, It Black’
  6. Culcha Candela – ‘Next Generation’
  7. MUSE – ‘Algorithm’
  8. *Bonus Track* Michael Jackson – ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’


At SeventhElement, our success formula has been distilled from years of experience, covering all elements with a strong focus on user experience, technical SEO and site performance.

Our team thrives on this playlist. Give it a go!

If you need additional help accelerating your Core Web Vitals, in the form of a digital marketing audit or technical SEO, drop us a line and be sure to check out our essential guide to image optimisation for a faster and healthier site that Google approves of.