06 Mar 2020

What fuels our Content Manager, Emily?

Introducing Emily, our dynamic digital marketing content manager who joined SeventhElement in October 2018. Bright-spark Emily is a driving force behind the creative thinking and content delivery that fuels our client projects.

What gets her out of bed in the morning? Read on to discover more…

What energises you the most in life?

At work, speeding through a to-do list always gets my juices flowing (I am a Virgo after all). That, and getting lost in a piece of creative content. 

Outside the office, I’m fuelled by silly conversations with friends, cooking and eating delicious food and making plans for future travel.  

What’s your key to long-lasting collaborations and client relationships?

It doesn’t always have to be formal! For me, it’s about remembering people are human and just want to be treated as such and always replying to emails promptly. 

When do you feel in your element?

I’m in my element writing creative copy and coming up with fresh content strategies for new brands and existing clients. If it’s got words in it – I’m happy. 

I also have a (un)healthy enthusiasm for organisation. I can’t work in chaos. Tidy desk + solid plan = better results. 

What does your digital detox look like?

The ideal digital detox for me is to be completely unreachable, bar a chosen few, gallivanting around a new country and eating all the food I can get my hands on.

Nitrogen is used as a coolant: how do you keep cool under pressure?

One word: lists. 

What’s the nerdiest thing you do outside of work?

I’m currently attempting to sew my own dungarees. So far, the jury’s out on whether I’ll be wearing them to the office. 

Is making spreadsheets for your meals nerdy or just obsessive? I don’t understand how people work out what they are going to have for dinner every night without some forward planning!

What’s your favourite success story you’ve been a part of?

I’ve been working closely with Alps2Alps, producing ad copy, blog content and managing the content strategy for the past few months. It’s been exciting to see revenue records being overtaken and be part of the overall marketing strategy for such a big player in the ski transfer sector.