17 Jul 2021

What fuels our Social Media Lead, Rory?

Introducing Rory, our dynamic Social Media Lead with over 5 years of dedicated B2B social experience. He excels in strategy, planning and campaign management and drives engagement by creating fresh concepts and strategies for brands.

Let’s find out what makes Rory tick…

Social Media Lead, Rory

What energises you the most in life?

At work, I love to meet new people and develop relationships. I think the past year has made a lot of us realise how much we miss the social interactions of the workplace (both virtual and physical) and how much those little conversations can help build chemistry and supercharge teamwork.

Outside of work, I probably get the most energy from my dog, a Miniature Schnauzer called Roscoe. He is always happy to see you and his playfulness is infectious. In the last year I’ve gotten really into cycling (no lycra though) and love getting a good sweat on, usually soundtracked by some drum and bass.

What’s your key to long-lasting collaborations and client relationships?

I think building a relationship that has more than just the formal work element is key. Don’t be afraid to spend some time chatting casually with a client at the beginning or end of a call, it can often help with any nerves and helps to inspire trust.

When do you feel in your element?

I really enjoy brainstorming and more laid-back team meetings. I think creating a relaxed atmosphere for work and collaboration can often produce some of the best results and ideas.

I also love being introduced to something totally new, be it a skill or a brand/client. I’m always keen to increase my knowledge.

What’s your go-to productivity hack?

Start with the longer tasks you would usually put off. It takes a while to get into this habit, but it’s always worth it when you can then look forward to the more fun work. And put your phone away!

What does your digital detox look like?

Going out and leaving my phone at home is always very satisfying. After watching The Social Dilemma it was a real wake-up call to how hooked we all are to our phones and social media.

Walking the dog always helps to clear my head, and at the moment I’m working my way through the Jo Nesbo books – can’t beat Scandi crime drama.

Nitrogen is used as a coolant: how do you keep cool under pressure?

Take a break. If I’m struggling with something, I find it always helps to step away from the computer. I’ll walk to the shop and get a snack, then come back and reset.

What’s the nerdiest thing you do outside of work?

I love digging music and spent a pretty dangerous amount of time on Discogs. I’ve got dozens of playlists I’m constantly updating and expanding, from garage to jungle and electro.

I also love finding bargains in the nearby Lidl. It’s just around the corner and I could honestly spend hours in there. I’m currently on a mission to try all of their frozen pizzas and rank them from best to worst. Don’t get me started on the special buy aisles…