03 Feb 2020

7 predictions for Digital Marketing in 2030

With 2020 upon us, the new decade is fuelling our thoughts for the future. What will marketing look like 10 years from now?

It is predicted that 2030 will spark a marriage of creativity, technology, data and frictionless transactions. All products will become services, with all-access consumer participation to synergise human and machine creativity and divergent and convergent thinking. In 2030, UX will reach a whole new level of unprecedented heights.

We unveil 7 predictions for digital marketing in 2030

AR and VR will become Mixed Reality (MR)

Moving the obsession from looks to feels: Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality

We’ve seen the rise in consumer smart devices across a wide range of applications and industries with the most commercially developed, being education and of course gaming. Mixed reality (MR) is a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality and is what the world predicts in 2030. An explosive combination of advanced technology used in virtual reality and the ability to blend it entirely into the real world. Mind-blowing, right? Content will no longer be text-only. It will maximise engagement by translating words and ideas into visual experiences. 


In 2030, AI will be King

Move over content; come 2030, AI will be KING! 

Artificial intelligence will become the biggest commercial opportunity and could increase UK GDP by 10% over the next decade. The increasing demand for a greater choice of products, the increased personalisation of these products and making them more cost-effective over time will be driven by AI, which will become a driving force of economic gains. In ten years time, could machines be trained to think convergently AND divergently?


Glocalisation: People, Planet, Purpose and Profit


In 2020, only a 5th of brands are perceived to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. For institutions to have the impact they desire and to shape a ‘Glocal-centric vision’, over the next decade, it’s essential for them to explore how to deliver ‘real’ value to communities. The value will be measured by the 4Ps: People, Planet, Purpose and Profit. Brands that operate on a cultural level will be the winners of the future and consequently, all brand marketing will need to adapt to this way of thinking to survive in 2030.


Real-time e-commerce and Smart ads

Smart Ads & real-time e-commerce

E-commerce will kill the high street (radio) star and will account for around 40% of all UK retail sales by 2030. It will be launched into engaging and interactive online retail environments where AR will play a vital role. The retail winner of 2030 will deliver goods to consumers in the fastest and most cost-efficient manner. Smart homes and big data will become the domestic faces of the Internet of Things (IoT) and subsequently, smart digital campaigns will run responsive ads from every platform. More brand interactions will, of course, happen on Google, creating improved integration and synergy between search and social strategies.


Wearable computing will be a mainstream advertiser

Wearable computing as a mainstream advertiser

Wearable technology will expand the horizon of available content over the next decade. Augmented reality glasses, fitness trackers and watches are just the beginning. The race is on for the most inconspicuous add-on that delivers the highest value with the most advanced technology and design. With more consumers buying these products, advertising will be expertly developed by marketeers to adjust to the smallest of screens in a bitesize, highly-personable and easily consumable format, that is truly bespoke to businesses. 


2030 could spark the end of broadcasting

Could 2030 spark the end of broadcasting?

Consumers are increasingly opting for convenient on-demand viewing and it’s predicted that Subscription Video On Demand (SVoD) libraries will stream all episodes immediately after broadcasting. UX is of ultimate importance and personalisation is the key to on-demand success. Media services will increasingly rely on data about the viewer to provide a customised stream of marketing. With on-demand viewing at our fingertips, in ten years time, TV and radio broadcasting could be a distant memory. 


Advanced technology will nourish independent brands

And last but not least, the evolution of independent brands 

The advancing world of technology will nourish and grow independent brands, changing the way their businesses operate and providing them with the necessary tools to compete with the tech and media giants. The agency/client relationship will marry up inextricably with its client’s business goals and will no longer be considered a ‘second party’ partner, but the life and soul of a 2030 marketing operation. 

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