17 Jan 2020

We have re-branded: introducing SeventhElement

Forged over two decades, Netleadz, an established London digital marketing agency, has undergone its own successful chemical transformation. We are now ready to unveil our exciting new identity, dedicated to fuelling digital success: SeventhElement.

Netleadz evolved over time, integrating all vital elements required to succeed in the digital age, further boosting its outcome-focused DNA. Our teams’ dedication to digital growth and success for our clients represents the essence of the brand we are today. See how we evolved our brand thinking and propelled our own identity to truly reflect what we stand for.

SeventhElement unveiling the explosive results of its new identity

Why SeventhElement?

Our logo has been inspired by the seventh element in the periodic table: Nitrogen. Nitrogen is vital in everyday life and encompasses power and strength for our organs to survive. By making a vital difference to our clients and partners, we have created a unifying formula, similar to Nitrogen, which represents the essence of our brand:

  1. Always there:
    The quiet enabler behind the scenes. The unseen presence that drives digital performance.
  2. Boosting:
    Vital injection to enhance performance when you need it most. We help spring grow our clients’ audiences.
  3. Creators:
    Beautiful and meaningful content and campaigns that perform.
  4. Cryogenic:
    Cool under pressure to create longer-lasting results.
  5. Fertilising:
    Fertilising growth through carefully crafted (content) strategy & execution.
  6. Growing:
    Building relevance and connecting with audiences.
  7. Nourishing:
    Continuous incremental gains across all channels for vital, sustainable growth.
  8. Preserving:
    We future-proof our clients’ business in the world of digital.
  9. Triple bonding:
    We create long-lasting relationships and work to support our partners to get maximum return.
  10. Fuelling:
    Fuelling digital success.



Our visual identity synthesises the above properties through the bold choice of colour, palette, imagery and tone of voice. 

Kate Gorbunova, our Creative Director describes the elements involved in our re-brand: 

“It’s always a challenge rebranding an existing company but it is a great opportunity to reassess and look to the future. We started this project by looking at our current position, our collective business aims, our clients and industry trends, before exploring several ideas. Our founder started the company by building digital marketplaces and developed it into a fast-paced SEO agency. It has now successfully evolved into a comprehensively creative digital marketing agency.

I had lots of different concepts in mind but it was SeventhElement that evolved over a few drinks which captured our essence and spurred on our excited. I’m proud to present the new concept as a modern brand ready to fuel the future of the agency.”

Colour palette

The colour palette comprises three primary colours which reflect the different aspects of SeventhElement: the dynamic and energetic red and yellow are used to represent boosting and fuelling and the natural and calming blue for growing and nourishing. 

The imagery

The imagery propels an explosive reaction between industry and platform. The sectors we work in are synthesised expertly with the brand colour palette to represent the explosive and nurturing essence of SeventhElement. 

Powerful imagery used on our branded notebooks Branded hoodies: yellow represents boosting and fuelling and blue for growth and nourishment

If rebranding is the next step towards your own formula for success, we are happy to help, because, at Seventh Element, we are fuelled by challenges. Our ability to unify your strategy and marketing efforts alongside a rebrand could be the exciting and anticipated revolution that your business needs. 

So, if any of the below reasons to re-brand apply to you, drop us a line:

  • You are expanding into the new markets and want to connect with new audiences
  • Your identity is looking tired and behind the times
  • Your current company strategy is no longer effective and holding back your growth
  • You are changing a type of product or service
  • You get lost amongst the competition

You can find out more about our Visual Communication services below.