07 Apr 2022

Growth and Renewal: The 7E Team go Tree Planting in Wales

Last weekend, we set off in a minivan laden with food, wine and one excited whippet and headed into the depths of the Welsh countryside on a SeventhElement tree planting mission.

A tree planting adventure

We’ve recently been helping to amplify the work of Stump up for Trees and their goal to plant 1 million native trees in the Brecon Beacons area of Wales. Last weekend, we finally found an opportunity to support the cause in person – by planting 1,500 trees with an amazing bunch of long-standing volunteers. 

After a tree planting 101 session with Rob, the charity co-founder and project manager, we set to work distressing the area, digging holes and planting 2-year-old saplings. 

With blue skies and not a cloud in sight, it was a fantastic day of getting our hands dirty in the beautiful natural surroundings with a team of friendly and enthusiastic volunteers. 

We’re always eager to get involved in projects with social value – from the positive impact of oceans to net zero eating habits of the future.

This project was particularly fitting for us as it links to our namesake – Nitrogen – the seventh element. Being vital for plant growth, Nitrogen is a key element for renewal and prosperity. We were honoured to be part of such an important project to help the environment regenerate and thrive. 

The gift of trees

We wanted to say thank you to our wonderful clients for opting out of Christmas gifts last year to allow us to make a donation to the cause, buy trees and plant them together.

Huge thanks to our clients and partners Chris Le Maistre John Parry, Ellen Zimmer, Elaine Ford, Emanuela Costigliola, James Uings, Raitis Bullits, Karen Tuck, Alexander McAuley, Julie Ervine, Natasha Wheatley, Camilla Barnes, Jenifer Davis, Andrew Clark and James Harper for helping to make this happen!

About Stump up for Trees – Tree planting charity

Stump up for Trees is a small charity with a big ambition – to plant 1 million trees in the Brecon Beacons area of south-east Wales.

The small team have been busy persuading farmers and landowners to designate a proportion of their land for tree planting, to enhance biodiversity and improve flood management in the area. 

They are also running an educational programme in local communities and secondary schools in an effort to awaken the value of trees and environmental action in future generations.

How does tree planting help the environment?

Trees provide multiple benefits to the planet, from improving air and soil quality to providing wildlife habitats and tackling climate change.  

According to data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), trees absorb one-third of global carbon emissions every year. Forests are home to 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity, and 1.6 billion people (nearly 25% of the world’s population) rely on forests for their livelihoods.

Our quick guide to tree planting

Want to become a tree-planting volunteer? It’s simple, fun and the perfect activity for nature-lovers. We learned the basics the hard way so you don’t have to!

Pack essential tree planting gear

If you’re thinking of following in our footsteps, there are a few essential items of clothing and equipment you’ll need;

  1. A tree planting spade (lucky for us, Stump up for Trees was able to lend a few spares to us city-dwellers)
  2. Thick gloves 
  3. Warm clothing and layers for all seasons
  4. Sturdy shoes such as walking boots
  5. A waterproof and windproof layer
  6. Sun cream and sunglasses for sunny day

Fuel up

Planting trees, as we found out, is hard work. Make sure you have a hearty breakfast and take several litres of water and lots of snacks to keep up your strength. 

It also helps to have a big meal planned at the end of the day as a reward for your hard work. Thanks, Xav, for the veggie spag bol! 

Don’t skip the tree planting lesson

Project manager, Rob, gave us an insightful and inspiring tree planting lesson when we arrived on site.

Understanding the basics, such as ensuring the root is fully covered by soil and ‘disturbing’ the surrounding grass to discourage competition, is vital to give the young trees the best chance of success. 

So if you’re a novice, don’t be tempted to skip the demonstration!

Remember why you’re there

Planting trees helps tackle the climate emergency, enhances biodiversity for future generations and returns a part of the beautiful Brecon Beacons to woodland. The aim is to plant as many trees (as well as you can) in the time allocated. And well, it is revitalising to put the content marketing, SEO and digital marketing audits on the back-burner every now and again.

Don’t forget to bring tonnes of enthusiasm and a positive attitude!

Looking for a volunteering opportunity? Find out how you could get involved in a tree planting project with Stump up for Trees.

Tree planting photos

Check out some photos from our day of tree planting with the volunteer team…

Tree planting in the Brecon Beacons Tree planting in the Brecon Beacons Tree planting in the Brecon Beacons Tree planting in the Brecon Beacons Tree planting in the Brecon Beacons Tree planting in the Brecon Beacons Tree planting in the Brecon Beacons Tree planting in the Brecon Beacons Tree planting in the Brecon Beacons Tree planting in the Brecon Beacons