09 May 2022

7 Elements to Fuel your LinkedIn Engagement

Looking to boost your LinkedIn engagement rate and grow your connections? 

With 94 years of combined experience in creative growth marketing and LinkedIn account management, we’ve developed some robust strategies for LinkedIn success in our time. 

To help you do well on LinkedIn and see higher engagement on your posts, we’ve pulled together some of our best learnings and tips into a handy infographic. 

Read on for some ammunition to fuel your social media marketing…

How to increase engagement on Linkedin in 2022

Social media platform algorithms are always changing. That’s why it’s so important to stay up to date with the latest recommendations and keep testing to see what gets the best results. Short on time? Don’t worry, we’ve done the leg work for you. 

Follow these tips to watch your LinkedIn post engagement soar… 

Be yourself, stay authentic

We’ve found that an authentic, unique tone can increase engagement by 200%.

When writing your LinkedIn posts, make sure your ‘voice’ sounds authentic by writing in the first person, avoiding jargon and sharing honest, credible thoughts and opinions.

Make it eye-catching

Visuals can increase comment rate by 98% compared to posts without an image.

In the age of peak audience, eye-catching creative can make a huge difference. When faced with decreasing attention spans and a steadily growing barrage of content, you need to ensure your post stands out in the feed. 

This is where infographics highlighting key statistics, videos of real people or well-designed branded imagery comes into play. Think about how you can start a conversation with the visuals you share. 

Support your network

49% of consumers rely on social media recommendations.

People love to reciprocate. Supporting, congratulating, celebrating and giving credit humanises your LinkedIn and can help drive engagement through comments and reciprocal likes.

It can be as simple as liking someone’s post or congratulating someone on a new job in the comments section. Showing a genuine, human interest in your network creates chemistry and opens doors. 

Work your golden hour

A post that receives high levels of engagement in the first hour after posting can gain a 495% increase in post views.

Early engagement helps a post take off. As soon as you share an important post, send a link to some of your network or friends, family and colleagues, encouraging them to engage and comment. 

First-hour comments are vital for high lifetime views, so the more your posts can gain during this first ‘golden’ hour – the more likely it will be seen by high numbers of people.  

Putting words into action… we helped UKRI achieve their most engaged LinkedIn post of all time by implementing a ‘golden hour’ approach with an engaging net zero infographic.

Engage on the go

80% of engagement from LinkedIn comes from mobile users.

This means that it pays to design or format your content, photos and videos in a way that works for mobile. Think short, punchy posts or commentary and correctly sized social media images. 

If your images are being cut off, or your text is too lengthy, you may lose out on engagement. 

Drive followers, not just connections

Followers show your level of influence.

Adding a follow button can help to accelerate network growth as it feels less personal and people are more likely to follow. You can always ask them to connect later, once they are familiar with your content and you’ve established trust. 

Be an advocate

60% of us are more likely to engage with a colleague.

Engaging with coworkers’ posts is an easy way to build rapport, reciprocal engagement and trust in your content.

And here are some bonus LinkedIn tips…

Share video natively

Users are 20x more likely to re-share a post that contains a video.

Interesting and engaging native videos that contain people and eye-catching animations perform well, particularly if they are posted natively, as LinkedIn likes to keep users within its ecosystem rather than sending them to external sites like YouTube. 

Ensure your videos autoplay to hook in your audience from the get-go and keep them short and sweet – videos under 90 seconds keep 53% of viewers.

Involve your audience

Involving your audience will drive comments and engagement.

Whether it’s posing a question, posting a poll or asking for advice as a call to action – people love to be involved and share their two cents. It’s all about starting human conversations.

The importance of LinkedIn engagement 

Billions of people around the world use LinkedIn on a daily or weekly basis, making it ripe with opportunities to grow your business or LinkedIn profile. 

Higher engagement means wider reach, visibility and credibility. The more people that can see what you do, and the more people you engage with, the more likely it is that you will get new leads, make important connections and achieve your goals. 

Linkedin engagement definition

Engagement on Linkedin refers to the actions other users take when interacting with your post. 

This includes;

  • Clicks
  • Reactions
  • Comments
  • Shares

Total engagements is the sum of all social actions.

How does LinkedIn calculate engagement rate?

LinkedIn calculates engagement rate by adding together the total number of clicks, interactions and new followers acquired on a post and dividing them by the number of impressions (the number of times a post was shown to a user).

How to measure LinkedIn engagement

To track the performance of your Linkedin posts from a company page, head to LinkedIn’s analytics tool and select ‘updates’. This will give you an overview of engagement performance for a specified time period. It’s always worth keeping track of monthly and yearly data so you can monitor progress and identify what works.  

Analytics for personal accounts is more limited, however, you can track clicks and engagements manually.

LinkedIn engagement metrics

Engagement metrics you can track via LinkedIn analytics include;

  • Impressions
  • Unique impressions
  • Clicks 
  • Reactions
  • Comments 
  • Shares
  • Engagement rate

You can also monitor follower growth and access insights into whether your posts are reaching your target audiences. 

What is a good engagement rate for LinkedIn?

Usually a 2% or higher engagement rate shows that you’re on the right track. 

How to improve engagement on LinkedIn: FAQs

Before you go, here are a few more tips to help you accelerate your LinkedIn engagement rate…

What’s the best time to post on LinkedIn for engagement?

We usually find that the best time to post on LinkedIn is Tuesday – Thursday between 8 and 11 AM. 

The best times to post will partly depend on your audience and their behaviour. Commuting times have long been prime time for posting, however, the pandemic has shifted these hot spots for some industries. 

Generally, LinkedIn is used by professionals, so posts that are aligned with their social media use tend to gain more momentum. That means avoiding busy Mondays or Friday afternoons when a lot of people have already tuned out. 

How to boost engagement on your Linkedin company page

A few more tips…

  • Ensure your visuals are eye-catching, branded and relevant (this includes your banner image and profile photo)
  • Front-load engaging statements or stats to encourage users to click ‘see more’
  • Use relevant emojis sparingly to draw attention to your CTA or break up longer text
  • Try posting links in the comments section rather that the main text body
  • Avoid posting more than once per day
  • Use a consistent format and tone of voice
  • Offer value-add content and solutions
  • Show your interest in other accounts before you tag them
  • Take an influencer mindset to tap into the Gen Z market on social
  • Reply to all comments on your posts to draw out debates
  • Make use of the personal profiles of your leadership team to drive engagement

Employee engagement ideas for LinkedIn

To encourage employees to engage with your content, try using the ‘notify employee’ button on important posts. This sends out a reminder for them to like or share the content. This can be used once a day, but don’t go overboard and tire out your employees with constant notifications. 

An internal newsletter highlighting the top content of the week to share can also work – however, it doesn’t make the most of the ‘golden’ hour of engagement. 

Another option is to set up an internal incentive scheme – encouraging ‘high-engagers’ with perks or prizes. 

Fuel your Linkedin engagement strategy

From visual communications and campaigns, to strategy and insights, PPC audits or SEO audits,  we have proven experience helping brands and organisations power-up their LinkedIn presence and wider marketing strategies. 

Explore our digital marketing services to see how we could work together to fuel your engagement and growth.