Alveda connects patients to the largest online database of ayurvedic specialists in India. Providing direct access to natural wellness expertise from the original source; a personalised ayurvedic health plan.

Their online platform offers an easy way to book, pay for and receive consultations with ayurvedic professionals in original locations. They match patients with practitioners based on their health needs to provide advice, information and support on the ayurvedic way of living.

Alveda also offers a range of authentic, expert-approved products to compliment the customer's journey towards better health.

We developed a powerful identity that embodies nature, health and happiness, celebrating the values and experience of Ayurvedic practices. Providing a gateway to a healthier lifestyle.

We represented the brand pillars: authentic experience, natural medicine and innovative connectivity to empower and reassure prospective patients of the health benefits of Ayurvedic living.

Who we work with: